• Aled Vernon-Rees

Husky Loops at The Waterfront 16/10/18

It's not often I go that I go to gigs in Norwich where I'm not already a fan of the headliners but I managed to make an exception for Husky Loops' show at The Waterfront on Tuesday. What becomes immediately apparent is that I might be in the same mindset as most the population of Norwich as the venue stayed relatively empty throughout the show. However somewhat to my surprise this didn't dent the overall atmosphere what was quite the odd show.

First up we've Norwich emo dream-pop staple piece (the) Marigolds. Unfortunately, they were one singer (and synthist) down but they still manage to put together an impressive set. Lead singer Joe's soothing vocals perfectly blended with the dreamy yet intricate accompaniment. Their set ended with their stunning track 'Chamomile' which got the crowd moving; a clear highlight of the gig for me. Though a great set it did leave me just wanting to see them in their full five-piece synth filled glory.

Following this was Finn Doherty, a local musician who over summer brought his mix dance pop and acoustic music to Latitude Festival. Though a clearly confident set from the singer (accompanied by a keyboardist / beat boi) it seemed to fall flat. Being the furthest from the general indie rock atmosphere of the gig it was always going to be a struggle performing Ed Sheeran-esque music.

Then on came the headliners, London band Husky Loops. The vibe of music and performance immediately taking another giant leap as we welcome the band on stage to the sound of industrial dark synth pulses and hazy imagery projected on the back of the stage. The set was an interesting one the band switching between experimental music with interesting samples and effects (like track 'Daft') to comparatively dull indie rock tracks like their most recent single 'Everytime I Run' and 'When I Come Home' (which appears on the Fifa 2019 Soundtrack). What was admirable about the set was the amount of effort put into their performance. Every track though at times extremely different were moulded perfectly into each other through short samples played in-between songs and on top of this there were individual projections for every track. When the set ended I felt more intrigued and confused than anything, this band clearly have a lot of talent both in writing and performing yet the lack of consistency in the sound of the set really threw me off, though I did appropriate the cover of Pink Floyd's 'Interstellar Overdrive' which spuradically apeared half way through the set.

Overall the gig was slightly all over the place, none of the bands seemed suited to play with each other; going from emo to acoustic pop music to experimental indie rock. However questionable the experience was I still enjoyed an evening of going out and listening to live bands I hadn't really listened to before.

So the message of the review is don't be afraid to go to gigs where you don't know any of the bands - especially if that gig happens to be Gladboy on the 29th of October at The Waterfront Studios with support from Bull, Bag of Cans and Strip Mall.

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