• Martha Benedict

Prof. - 'Pookie Baby' Album Review

I was Introduced to Prof’s tongue in cheek, self aware rap at 4am on a Tuesday night. His latest Album Pookie Baby is, as the man himself describes: “Sexy, suit and tie shit. Like the most interesting man in the world on acid who is in love”. At the same time, Prof’s persona as a white, eccentric rapper really comes across and he plays with the stereotypes of the genre and it’s associated tropes like drugs, pimps and hookers, made notorious by the likes of Eminem.

I wouldn’t consider myself a massive Rap/Hip Hop fan but, saying that, I think I might be on the turn because of this album! The production quality is great - all the tracks flow seemingly seamlessly into each other - an album made as an album in its totality, rather than just individual tracks, even though the tracks themselves stand alone just aswell.

Despite confessing that he is not a very good singer, Prof’s vocal ability and range really comes across in his more lyrical tracks such as ‘Send Nudes’ and ‘Be Around (ft. Ashley DuBose)’, with a similar sound to that of Sam Smith - deep and soulful. Set against this is ‘I’ve Cooked Crack Before’ which combines this deep voice with definite influence, to my ears, of artists like the Fugees.

It is definitely a very sexy album - with rhythms perfect for a bit of grinding - definitely got my hips working whilst listening to it! It’s got slow, mellow tracks like ‘Focus’ - a track clearly orientated towards female listeners and the connection with your partner, set against tracks like ‘Andre the Giant’ (a reference to The Princess Bride?!) which is the kind of track that would go down well at a club - definitely the kind of thing I would play during a set! A great combination of testosterone fuelled confidence and perfect dancey vibes - if this track comes on: flaunt it!

Pookie Baby is an art piece in short: Prof’s latest incarnation as an artist - he’s even brought out a unisex Cologne with the same name as the Album! The music videos that accompany the tunes are films with music, not the other way around. Prof uses his dark Minneapolis background and sense of humour to create, in Pookie Baby, an album that is humorous, has content, and when toured, would be well supported by the Irish duo The Rubberbandits.

Favourite track: ‘Andre The Giant’ - a great track: one to listen to before going out with your crew, play this at Pres and you can’t go far wrong in my opinion - all the better if you know all the lyrics!

Overall Rating: 9 /10

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