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Main Playlist Update 8/10/18

The very first playlist of the 18/19 broadcast year, this week's is filled to the brim with huge artists. With songs from David Guetta, Years & Years, Sigrid, and many more star-studded tracks, the playlist is in tune with the best tracks from around the world. In addition to our Main Playlist, we also have a New Music Playlist that celebrates the very best of new music.

BLOODY KNEES - Reel ‘Reel’ is the second return track from BLOODY KNEES; its groove-rock bassline and rhythm is sure to become an earworm. Of the track, the band have said that “‘Reel’ is a proper straight forward rock song with heaps of energy”, and they’re not wrong. ‘Reel’ is taken from the EP You Can Have It, released last Friday.

Bloxx - Monday Having supported indie acts such as Pale Waves, Uxbridge’s Bloxx bring a sense of urgency to their new track ‘Monday’. The track contains thunderous guitar licks and cutting vocals, and is sure to be noticed. ‘Monday’ is from the band’s upcoming EP.

Dusk Chorus - Falling Down the Stairs Somewhat an enigmatic band, Dusk Chorus’ single ‘Falling Down the Stairs’ is a masterpiece of dream pop. Woozy and mystical, the song carries a steady thread of calamity.

Freya Beer - Bike Boy Southampton-based Freya Beer’s ‘Bike Boy’ is an intelligently-constructed and hook-filled indie track with energetic yet mellow beats. ‘Bike Boy’ showcases a feisty and unapologetic attitude, with the infectious instrumental to match.

Gladboy - Egopushin’ Norwich’s own Gladboy’s newest single, ‘Egopushin’’ is a 5-minute wonk-rock epic, with distorted choruses and polyphonic beats. Already making a name for themselves with their instantly identifiable sound of odd pop, Gladboy are certainly on the rise. Catch them at their EP release party on October 29th at the Waterfront Studio.

Husky Loops - 20 Blanks London-via-Italy trio Husky Loops perfect infectious samples and hip-hop hooks on latest single ‘20 Blanks’. Released in time for their upcoming tour and upcoming EP release, ‘20 Blanks’ is subtly catchy and pervasively inspired. The band’s penchant for blurring genres shines through on this new single.

Indoor Pets - Hi Fuzzy and humorous, Indoor Pets’ single ‘Hi’ shows the band’s meteoric talent for tongue-in-cheek indie rock. There are elements of power-pop that colour the track, and ‘Hi’ marks out Indoor Pets, who have been around for a while, as a band on the rise.

Jimothy Lacoste - Fashion Making headlines for his pre-summer single ‘I Can Speak Spanish’, the edgy pop of Jimothy Lacoste returns with his new single ‘Fashion’. Clearly about its namesake, Jimothy characterises the track with his signature deadpan-delivery-over-poppy-synths style.

Redwood - In Your Arms ‘In Your Arms’ is a math-rock-tinged summer anthem, with hearty beats and rolling sunbleached guitars. The band have said that, “lyrically, the song leads to ideas of not fully being present; not being able to be the ‘you’ that you know you can be.”

Whenyoung - Given Up The title track from their upcoming EP, ‘Given Up’ is a gritty alt-rock track comes once again as a short yet sweet reminder of what whenyoung are capable of. Its chiming guitars and addictive chorus burrowing their way into your head.

Listen to both the playlists below. Broadcasting starts 8am TODAY!

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