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Shangela at the LCR - Review

Time out. Hold up. I met Shangela?!

Drag. A word I used to express disappointment and regret, until 'RuPaul’s Drag Race' skidded into my life. Drag quickly grew on me and thus started my unhealthy addiction to watching men impersonate women for 13 seasons.

Thus, when Shangela is Shook! was announced at The LCR, I joined Shangela and I myself, was shook too.

Finally, today is the day where I will live my dream of meeting such a legendary queen from 3 seasons of Drag Race. I finished work, ran home, pulled together an outfit, ate, found Lucy and headed for the LCR.

It’s 5:49, meet and greet starts at 6… this cannot be happening I’m meeting Shangela Laquifa Wadley. It’s almost 8:00, the show it meant to start, I have sweat so much from the suspense and forgot to put on deodorant. And finally, they announce that Shangela has arrived in true queen timing 2 hours late.

We continue to wait in the queue practicing how to smile and pose, thinking of what to say and how to act. We are next. Shangela is bubbly and instantly hugs us both and kisses our cheeks asking how we are and said we’re pretty (will never get over that). I start asking her a question for this very review and, nope scared me can only say ‘Hi I’m reviewing this event’ and she says, ‘Oh! Well I want a 5-star review like an Uber driver girl!’. We pose, smile, say goodbye.

Eventually after even more waiting, the show seems to start. RuJazzle gets on stage in a tartan skirt and headpiece. She starts performing a dance through time and includes some of Shangela’s most iconic quotes from the show. She cannot dance well, but she can deathdrop, and it was amazing. She introduces Shangela and on she comes in a sparkly and tassel covered outfit that shines as bright as a disco ball and says, ‘good evening Noor-which!’

Shangela introduces what the show entails, which is an episode by episode rundown of All Stars season 3. Hmmm, I don’t know if this is what I was expecting. She proceeds to talk through each episode and dances/lip syncs with every episode theme, starting with the talent show. She reads the other contestants’ performances, such as how confused everyone was about Milk’s singing, and how mind-blowing Aga’s split-jump was. The behind the scenes tea is hilarious, but as a die-hard Trixie Mattel fan I felt a bit awkward as she goes through how her crown was snatched away from her.

Despite this slightly uncomfortable feeling, Shangela continues to slay the stage running around and twerking, making everyone laugh and cheer. Through the whole show she interacts with fans by giving the mic to have a chat and comes to dance in the pit while singing the chart-topper ‘Uptown Fish’, which seemed to really confuse security guards. Another great moment was when she told the story of hot gluing a record vinyl to her forehead in a last-minute panic before the runway in episode 5.

But the best part of the show was the end, that sounds cynical. Shangela comes out in a red dress that everyone recognises. An inflatable, red, spikey, dress. The prettiest sea urchin to ever exist. She comes out lip syncing to 'This is Me' and the spikes inflate and deflate with the chorus. At the end of the song, she has a heart to heart and tells us all that no matter how many times you’re pushed down, you fight back and work your way to the top, because she’s what? SICKENING!

And to top off the show, we leave the venue and join the queue to meet RuJazzle. We say hi and she too says we’re cute (yet again flattered beyond belief). We show her the boomerangs we took of her deathdrop and she loves them, asking us to send them to her. And the next morning, I get a message on Instagram from RuJazzle saying thank you for meeting her and enjoying the show. RuJazzle is a star and I cannot wait to see more of her.

I can officially say; the word drag can never mean anything negative in my life. Drag is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable experiences, on screen and on the stage. Shangela, despite being late and your camera flash reflecting in my glasses and blinding me for a minute, I give Shangela is Shook 4.5-stars.

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