• Eleanor Martin

Black Honey 'Midnight' - Single Review

As the clock struck the dead of night Black Honey unfurled their latest and lead single from their debut album – 'Midnight'. Never to do anything without flare Black Honey's 'Midnight' received it’s first radio debut last night on the Huw Stephen’s show on BBC Radio 1 while the band posed looking ready for the 80’s disco of a life time.

This is by far the biggest dance tune that Black Honey have released to date and if their debut album is of the same quality, energy and all- round spice of 'Midnight' they are on track for a sure winner! Full of up-right beats and a chorus that is the definition of dark funk and groove. As the bridge says ‘it keeps me going on and on and on…’ is definitely a confident summery of 'Midnight;' it will keep you dancing and smiling on.

Izzy’s vocals seem to be made to sing this song and have never sounded so at home on a track before. Having had a sneak peak of this single at Latitude I was so excited to appreciate it fully and the fact I’ve only been up for a few hours and know most of the lyrics is a strong positive!

Black Honey are constantly on a journey trying to find their sound and having heard their past few singles experimenting and flirting with different genres, and now successfully disco, I am so excited to listen to their debut as I expect to find a beautiful and eclectic range of genres all with that same special Black Honey Twist!

Final thoughts on 'Midnight?' I will happily give them mine!

You can listen to 'Midnight' here

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