• Eleanor Martin

Deap Vally 'Bring It On' - Single Review

Oh damn, this is one of the most bad-ass, swagger walk intros I’ve heard in a while. Nothing short of ferocious power, and feisty sass that Deap Vally are always certified to deliver. In this stand off between Deap Vally and ‘Bring It On,’ I think its clear who the winner is!

Lindsey (guitar) has reached new heights with her sludgy, thick playing, and sultry deep Americana voice that perfectly ‘brings it on’ in every way possible; it just kicks ass! Julie lays out the perfect walking beat so if this motivational track does not make you feel like a bad ass b*tch ready to conquer the world then nothing will at this point.

Just before the ‘Deap Vally vs Bring It On’ stand off ‘Get Gone,’ was released. This is lighter hearted, and up beat spreading into more funk whelms with ‘the motion of the ocean,’ that captures the sunny, spicy atmosphere and sound of California (the origins of Deap Vally). Being a short but sweet track at 1 min 41 secs, which is probably good as this is a track you can’t not go full throttle at when dancing.

When the duo (Lindsey and Julie) get together they certainly don’t disappoint.

You can listen to 'Get Gone' and 'Bring It On' here:

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