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Main Playlist Update 04/06/18

Added some huge numbers to our last playlist of the year! On the A list we've added the somewhat controversial Kanye West with 'Ghost Town', The 1975 with their newest single and we've moved Jungle up from the B list. Then on B list we've added Gorillaz and J Hus. Finally on C we've added the wonderful Maggie Rogers. Then as always Livewire's Music Team have found ten of the best upcoming tracks for your listening pleasure and you can read about them here:

CHINAH – Yeah Right: Hailing from Copenhagen, CHINAH’s sleek R&B sounds paired with alt-pop beats has been attracting attention. ‘Yeah Right’ is the latest single from the exciting outfit, dismantling pop and creating something experimental and strange.

Dresage – Gallery: Setting out to make pop from an alternative universe, LA-based Dresage’s newest release ‘Gallery’ showcases steady synths and a deep, brooding atmosphere. Of the track, Dresage has said, “Rather than endless self-reflection and emotional torture, 'Gallery' imagines an alternate universe where every heartbreak is put on display.”

Emily Burns – Cheat: Hailing from Rugby, Warwickshire, singer-songwriter Emily Burns returns with latest single ‘Cheat’, follow up from ‘Girlfriend at the Time’. The piercing pop of the track shines with glittery keyboards and poignant lyrics.

EMMA – Animals: The first single in a year, Norwegian artist EMMA returns with ‘Animals’. Featuring passionate vocals and pulsating synths, the track takes inspiration from the predatory nature of young people in nightclubs, criticising its culture.

Jimothy Lacote – I CAN SPEAK SPANISH: Viral musician Jimothy Lacote’s single ‘I CAN SPEAK SPANISH’ is an absurd pop jam. Littered with funny hooks and riding on Lacote’s bilinguality, the track’s word-play and entertainment value mean it’s an infectious one.

Marlowe (L’Orange & Solemn Brigham) – Demonstration: Hip-hop collaboration Marlowe’s newest track ‘Demonstration’ is a chemical, funky triumph. The collaboration of Producer L’Orange and MC Solemn Brigham, ‘Demonstration’ showcases a guitar sample and experimental beat.

Matty – Clear: BADBADNOTGOOD’s Matty’s newest solo release ‘Clear’ defies genre. Its groovy and underwater psych-rock inspired synths, paired with Matty’s enchanting vocals, makes the track unavoidably enthralling.

Orchards – Double Vision: Feel-good indie pop track ‘Double Vision’ from Bright-based Orchards is akin to bottled summertime. The energetic guitars and soothing vocals coalesce to make something delightfully euphoric.

Samm Henshaw – How Does It Feel: Groovy yet different, Samm Henshaw’s track ‘How Does It Feel’ is soulful and energetic without being derivative. Intimate lyrics and complex beats combine on the track to produce something summery and magical.

Transviolet – Bad Intentions: ‘Bad Intentions’ is the newest track from LA-based four-piece. Transviolet’s tale of feminine individuality, broadcast alongside a heady beat and an unapologetic disco dance groove, was produced alongside 30H!3.

Check out these songs and the rest of our playlist here:

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