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Main Playlist Update 28/05/18

The playlist had a big mix up last week, adding huge artists like Arctic Monkeys, Parquet Courts, Sia and much more. So this week we've decided to keep the playlist the same to let you all settle in to last week's changes. However, as always we gathered ten great hot tracks for our New Music Playlist check them out here:

H O N E Y M O A N - We: A South African quintet, Honeymoan describe themselves as 5-piece amalgamation of rock, pop, shoegaze, funk, R&B and more. ‘We’ is a funky, glittery tune with a jagged bassline and R&B tinged hooks.

Husky Loops - Daft: The London-via-Italy trio Husky Loops are known for their art-rock style, but ‘Daft’ shows a new side of the band. Incorporating beats inspired by ‘90s hip-hop and smooth R&B, ‘Daft’ is a complex and tantalising attempt at putting a new spin on relationships.

KWAYE - I Go: British-Zimbabwean artist KWAYE’s latest track ‘I Go’ is a track inspired by relationships at a distance. Written during his sessions in LA, ‘I Go’ follows an episodic structure, with elements using acoustic instrumentals and soft vocals and stark, electronic percussion. Using R&B hooks and a fast pace, the track is filled with promise.

Matt Maltese - Misery: London singer songwriter, Matt Maltese is back with the last single before his debut albums, “Bad Contestant”, release. “Misery” features the signature croon we have come to expect over more laid back guitars.

Oliver Beardmore - Jumpers For Goalposts: Oliver Beardmore is a 19 year old singer songwriter, formerly of the band Pretence, who’s been writing songs since late 2013. ‘Jumpers For Goalposts’ is “intended to be anthemic, saturated by nostalgia, a cynical by affectionate overview of experiences growing up, going to clubs when you're 16.”

Oliver Tree - Movement: Los Angeles-based vocalist and producer Oliver Tree has been creating buzz all over the Internet for a few months now with his unpredictable, contagious beats. Characterised by the singer’s colourful, yet unapologetic attitude, Movement is a bold track that will be stuck in your head for days.

Sorry - Showgirl: Following the release of their well-received 2 Down 2 Dance, South East London band Sorry are back with Showgirl. Often described as a mix of ‘bedroom grunge’ and somewhat eccentric punk, Sorry recently supported Livewire favourites Sunflower Bean on tour, and you can catch them at Latitude and Truck this summer.

The Howl & The Hum - Murder: York four-piece The Howl and The Hum have been moving from strength to strength over the past year and new single ‘Murder’ is no exception. The track starts off slow and measured with singer Sam Griffiths haunting murmurings taking the lead, the song then builds its way up to a cinematic chorus, making it clear why the band have been chosen for loads of great festivals this summer including Citadel and Latitude.

Whenyoung - Heaven On Earth: whenyoung are a indie band originally from Limerick who moved to London to follow their dreams of making music together. ‘Heaven on Earth’ is an upbeat track suited for the summer that’s likely to stay with you throughout the day. It’s the first track off their EP due to release later this year ahead of their headline tour in September.

Yassassin - Citizen: London’s Yassassin are an ever evolving collective, and ‘Citizen’ is their first single with their newly recruited rhythm section. The energy of the group lends itself to the raucous, energetic single, and its seismic guitar riffs leads the song with fearlessness. The band have said of the single, “I guess it’s about realising that as messed up as our world is, there are still so many people who care and get themselves involved in fighting injustices.”

Check out these songs and the rest of our playlist here:

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