• Erin Bashford

Bull at The Rumsey Wells - Review

Top of any ‘free things to do in Norwich’ list should be the musical endeavors of student-run gig promoters Majic Carpet. The third gig from the always eclectic promoters, Saturday 12th May’s headliners Bull frazzled The Rumsey Wells. There were many broken guitars.

Pretty much packing the underbelly of the quaint pub, the York band powered through their set with the energy of a firework show. Ripping through their repertoire, no song lasted long enough to comprehend its majesty, but that’s part of what made it such an engaging set. Perhaps nothing can convey the absolute fervour emitted by the band other than frontman Tom breaking every single string on his acoustic guitar. At the end of the show, after snapping the final, determined string, he was leant a guitar by Gladboy, one of the supports.

Bringing The Rumsey Wells to life were Norwich bands Gladboy and Hugo Z. Gladboy, having just released their phenomenal debut single, enchanted the growing crowd with their interdimensional garage pop, shaking and grooving their sounds across the underbelly. Definitely one of the new bands to watch, Gladboy’s completely original sound isn’t one to miss.

Hugo Z bridged the gap between Gladboy and Bull with hazy precision, as much of an oxymoron as that may be. With enthralling and mystical reverb-heavy guitar pop, the band cut the atmosphere of the venue with tangible talent. Playing both familiar songs and a handful of new ones, Hugo Z’s experimental mixture between bedroom jangles and complex wave-rock pulls tasting notes from a myriad of contemporary alternative.

A sweaty yet enjoyable experience, Majic Carpet has its finger directly on the pulse of Norwich’s DIY scene.

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