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Main Playlist Update 06/05/18

The playlist only has a couple of changes this week because you're all loving it so much! We've moved up Banx and Ranx from B to A with great single 'Answerphone'. Then on B we've added Julia Michaels with 'Jump' and finally we have whipped up ten fresh tracks for our new music playlist read about them here:

Alice - GIRLS X BOYS: The debut single from Alice, GIRLS X BOYS, is a highly sensual track, with deep visual codes placed alongside the electric, dark pop of the song. Alice is not here to play it safe, and has marked out a sense of individuality on the burgeoning alt pop scene.

Bahari - Savage: Southern Californian trio Bahari’s latest track ‘Savage’ is a subtle yet manic track. Its focal point of tumultuous romance allows the band to explore uncharted territories and toy with the fragility of sound.

Ben Khan - 2000 Angels: After a three year long hiatus Ben Khan is back with new single "2000 Angles". After releasing two EP's from 2014-2015 Ben went off the map working slowly on his debut album which will be out this summer. The new single proves that this album was worth the wait. With powerful electronics and strong vocals, it is obvious that this album is going to be big.

Breathe Panel - Carmine: London / Brighton quartet Breathe Panel go dreamy with their new single ‘Carmine’. Produce by none other than Hookworm’s MJ the track marks a change in the bands sound moving from a DIY approach to a smoother sounding laid back sound.

Emotional Oranges - Motion: It’s clear that this Orange is very emotional on this new sultry track. While being slightly seductive there are elements of funky RnB and groove that keep the song moving along. The LA female/male duo have made full use of their voices in a cheeky lyrical conversation that results in a track that is equally intoxicating as it is sweet.

Fick As Fieves - Grass Is Greener: Suffolk three piece Fick as Fieves are back with “Grass is Greener”, taken from their new EP “ Drift End”. Though slightly more laid back than the rest of the EP, “Grass is Greener” builds up its riff before an explosion of sound to end.

Folly Rae - Sniper: Folly Rae has just release catchy new single ‘Sniper’. The pop track is inspired by suspicions about an ex lover, Folly Rae sings about this in her unique punchy vocals that are sure to catch your attention. The originality in the track make it clear that this is a singer that is definitely going places.

JADA - Sure: Following previous single “Keep Cool” Danish singer JADA is back with another hit in the form of “Sure”. With laid back beats and clear R&B influence her new single is great for a chill summers evening.

Mikaela Davis - Delivery: There is a little intro to this track but fans of Toy Story and Monsters Ink will lap this one up, being a distinctly piano led track. There are distinctive Americana twangs to the melody while being a chilled out tune. This is the lead track from her recently released debut album ‘Delivery.’ Can’t speak for the rest of the album but this certainly has a place on many Toy Story or Monster’s Inc soundtrack.

Hotel Lux - Daddy: Hotel Lux are a band from Portsmouth who were thrown into the deep end of the London music scene finding themselves supporting the likes of HMLTD, Shame and Yak.New single ‘Daddy’ is actually the product of time spent in the studio with George and Duc of HMLTD which has resulted in their most refined track yet.The song is inspired by anti-paedophile riots that took place in their home town during 2000 and is a raw emotional crescendo from the point of view of a victim of abuse.

Check out these songs and the rest of our playlist here:

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