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Main Playlist Update 30/04/18

The playlist was so perfect last week we've only had to make a couple changes. On the A list we've added Ariana Grande with hot new track 'No Tears Left To Cry'. Then on B we've added legend Lily Allen with relaxed new single 'Higher' and finally we have whipped up ten fresh tracks for our new music playlist read about them here:

Alyss - Envirus: Alyss is a singer / songwriter from Brighton who’s spreading her message through catchy electronic beats. Her track ‘Envirus’ is all about the exploitation of nature for profit and features samples from a US army veteran apologising to Native Americans at Standing Rock. It’s the last song on her EP 3EARTH which explores similar themes about the future of our planet.

BODEGA - How Did This Happen: Interesting by name and interesting by nature, this arty indie rock group has given us this track from across the pond from New York. It’s a curious song that highlights some heavy relaties of the world today as we are both ‘a master and a slave’ they sing/droan. It’s colourful, energetic and just the right amount of ‘erm...what?’

Clairo - 4EVER: Internet sensation Claire Cottrill first came under the spotlight when she released DIY video for lo-fi, bedroom pop hit ‘Pretty Girl’, now boasting over 13 million views on Youtube. Better known as Clairo, branding herself around authenticity has given this Boston 19-year-old an enviably loyal fanbase. Despite showing off a noticeable step-up in production, new single ‘4EVER’ off her upcoming EP manages to retain the dreamy, home-made feel that made her previous releases so charming.

HANK - SPIT IT: Norwich Math-Rock outfit HANK have just released debut single ‘Spit It’ off their upcoming EP ‘Slopes’. The track is an eclectic mix of bold riffs alongside American Football-esque emo chorus’. It’s a really interesting and encapsulating song, that pushes the boundaries of rock music.

JUICY - Mouldy Beauty: Belgian duo JUICY’s latest single ‘Mouldy Beauty’ contrasts retro-futuristic hip hop with modern wit and experimentalism. ‘Mouldy Beauty’ showcases playful feminine identity and bouncy rhythmic beats, coalescing in a diverse, fiercely independent track.

Little Monarch - Tangerine: If you like the fruit, you’ll love the track. Also fans of the Lion King soundtrack can get in board with this sweet, upbeat jam. Little Monarch are suely on their way to being the ‘King of the Jungle’ in LA with these snazzy chants and sprinkles of gentle guitar. Could count as one of your five-a-day too. (I’m sorry I feel like this is too much haha)

Mellah - Cigarette Lighter: Released last week from a new EP ‘Middle England’ coming next month, ‘Cigarette Lighter’ is inspired by Peckham based Mellah’s view on the current divide of left and right and how social media gives everyone to take an aggressive platform of entitlement. The track is a typical indie rock song- pretty chill but with a good head-bopping beat, ultimately leaving you with internalised political disquiet and a melody you’ll find yourself humming for the rest of the day. Catch him at Bestival in August

Oddnesse - Trust: The latest single from LA-based Oddnesse, ‘Trust’ is a deeply affecting sonic journey. A soft yet poignant display of tumbling guitars and pragmatic lyrics, ‘Trust’ is suited for a rainy afternoon and a summertime evening. Songwriter and vocalist Rebeca Arango has said of the track: “The first four bars are for meditation. What follows is for your imaginary pleasure. A song is a frivolous way to collect your thoughts and experiences, but the results are pretty.”

Parcels - Tieduprightnow: Australian born and Berlin based group Parcels are back with new single 'Tieduprightnow'. The group have quickly grown great acclaim and worked with legends like Daft Punk. From their new single you can see why, Chic-eque guitar lines and smooth vocals, the track is the perfect accompaniment to the start of summer.

WESLEE - Sweat Dreams: New York-based duo WESLEE is made up of American producer Josh and British vocalist Emma who have come together to give us this infectious, feel-good pop track. Independently released as part of a new EP, it will make you want summer even more badly than you already do.... and to roll your shoulders in the process, probably.

Check out these songs and the rest of our playlist here:

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