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Main Playlist Update 23/04/18

We've have some great new additions for our playlist this week. On the A list we've added Drake with his hot track 'Nice For What', he is joined by Cardi B and Blossoms, who both moved up from our B list. We have also added Kendrick Lamar to the C list with 'Love'. Finally the C list is joined by Lykki Li. As always we have topped our playlist off with ten new music tracks that you can read about below.

Amanda Tenfjord - First Impression: Amanda Tenfjord is a 21 year old Greek-Norwegian currently living in Norway who’s trying to make a good ‘First Impression’ with her aptly named debut single. Not a fan of writing diaries, Amanda instead uses her music as an outlet with her overall goal being ‘less fuzz and more feelings’. The inspiration behind this track is ‘meeting someone who seems very charming and fun, but when you dig deeper there's nothing more’.

Bakar - All In: North Londoner, Bakar gives a taste of his debut mixtape ‘BADKID’ with ‘All In. Being a fan of not only grime and hip-hop but indie and punk gives Bakar the grounds to blend genres at will to give him his fresh sound. Bakar wants ‘BADKID’ to be “a voice for the alternative. For the kids that want to do what they want. No restrictions.”

Dizzy - Pretty Thing: Dizzy are a four- piece band hailing from Oshawa, Ontario. They're bringing over their introspective dream pop sound to the UK for the first time with 2 dates: The Great Escape Festival in Brighton and a headline show at Omeara, London. Lead singer, Katie Munshaw, explains the new single, 'Pretty Thing', is about her high school experience and the beauty that surrounded all the heartbreak and loving moments along the way.

Easy Life - Ice Cream:.Easy Life’s love of R&B, hip-hop, and a DIY ethos is clear on latest single ‘Ice Cream’. With a kaleidoscopic beat and distorted instrumental, the distilled vocal is interestingly juxtaposed. Hailing from Leicester, the band’s mundane topics laid over sweet, groovy beats mark them out.

JGrrey - Growing: The south London artist has just released her latest ‘soul-tronic’ track ‘Growing’ and with her seductive vocals and chilled jazzy melody it’s a perfect easy listen. It’s idea based around growing up is a simple yet effective idea and the sophisticated concoction of the song might reflect JGrrey’s maturity as an artist.

Milo Gore - State: Milo Gore is a 22 year old student studying in Falmouth, and recording lo-fi dreamy songs in his bedroom. Along with three friends from uni, Gore has released 2 eps, the second of which “too much too soon” came out at the end of Feb, and this is the second and last song to be released from it. ‘State’ features lovely harmonies from another Cornwall based artist, Fare, and is a great example of a sad-but-happy summer song. A real organic pop song with meaningful lyrics.

More Giraffes - Dinosaur: ‘Dinosaur’ is the second single from electro-pop duo More Giraffes. The track is a futurist take on classic pop, the song itself playing homage to nostalgia whilst pushing the boundaries of modern music. The duo have already gained a large following from two singles, they will clearly be going places.

Naaz - As Fun: The Dutch 19-year-old who blew our minds last October with banger ‘Up To Something’ is bringing her experimental pop melodies and heartfelt lyrics back to our earbuds. This is the dreamy ‘As Fun’ off new EP ‘Bits of Naaz.’

Our Girl - I Really Like It: The three-piece have released a raw track that gives the right balance of ‘energy and chill’ with a chorus that will get stuck in your head in a good way and leave you thinking - yeah, I really like it. Apparently the lead singer Soph Nathen was originally worried to release the track as ‘its so different from [their other songs] and [she] had never written about love in this way before.’

The Vryll Society - Andrei Rublev: The Vryll Society’s newest single, ‘Andrei Rublev’ has a dreamy, atmospheric vibe. The track’s reverb-heavy soundscapes paired with misty vocals give a sense of sophisticated psychedelic. Based around Andrei Tarkovsky's Russian classic of the same name, ‘Andrei Rublev’ is just as peaceful as its namesake.

Check out these songs and the rest of our playlist here:

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