• Eleanor Martin

Kim Wilde - 'Here Come The Aliens' Review

When you think of Kim Wilde, you think The Runaways and her being a force to behold with a guitar. However, this new album is a comeback in a style I could never have seen coming and totally predicted at the same time! Its like her classic rock, Sci-Fi and old school pop got together and gave birth to ‘Here Come The Aliens’ 7 years after ‘Snapshot’/5 years after her Christmas remix album ‘Wilde Winter Songbook.’

What’s with the Alien theme you ask? It’s all due to an unforgettable extra-terrestrial encounter that Wilde experienced in 2009. Apparently, she saw a bright orange light in the night sky that moved across the sky without making a sound. Her friends put it down to a few too many glasses of wine earlier that evening, however, a newspaper write-in the next day confirmed she was not hallucinating.

Traditionally, I started with the first track was ‘1969’. I was immediately confused and hooked. Being Wilde she never half-asses something and really took this Alien theme to town. ‘1969,’ opens with radio static/channel tuning before a burst of thrashing loud guitars and Wilde kicking off with a groove that would have sounded alien (but epic) in 1969! There is a tinge of ‘War of the Worlds’ about it but it’s a statement opening track and one of my favourites of the album.

Next was the total opposite, being more pop infused than ‘1969,’ though being called ‘Pop Don’t Stop’ I shouldn’t have been surprised. As the chorus broke it immediately reminded me of ‘Bop To The Top’ from Highschool Musical. Not the vibe that Wilde was aiming for but when you hear that ‘pop, pop, pop’ bit you’ll totally get where I am coming from!

With a name like ‘Cyber Nation War’ you would expect Wilde’s old rock colours to shine through. It sounds like a backing track to a few lone warriors striding across a post-apocalyptic waste-land to defeat the enemy (Aliens?) and win back the Earth! Wilde spits out lyrics that shame humanity’s mis-treatment of the Earth and releases a call to arms to save our planet!

The closing track, after ‘A Different Story’ (another personal favourite) and ‘Rock the Paradiso’ rough you up a bit, is ‘Rosetta’ that falls back into the calmer arms of pop. The Morse Code intro reaches to another world, for Wilde to then break into a flurry of questions meant for Aliens to answer (I think). The final seconds of the album is hauntingly left by Wilde demanding ‘tell me who we are…’

Trust Wilde to give me an existential crisis.


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