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Main Playlist Update 26/02/18

This week we have some strong new additions to the playlist. We have added new singles from RAYE, Janelle Monae, Marmozets and Princess Nokia. Livewire's wonderful music team has also hand picked 10 hot new music tracks you'll be sure to enjoy:

B00TY - Modern Romance: The duo have mastered the LA club scene. Their music is characterised by a modern combination of ‘70s funk and electronica. ‘Modern Romance’ is their first release of 2018, and saw them working with Anderson. Paak producer Pomo and guitarist Danny McKinnon.

Beauty Sleep - The Feeling Back: Littered with moments of galactic dream pop, Beauty Sleep’s new single ‘The Feeling Back’ longs for a past just out of reach. Whether through the lullaby-esque opening or the hazy soundscape of the track, the tangible nostalgia shines through. Beauty Sleep are a truly DIY group, releasing all their music independently.

Confidence Man - Don’t You Know I’m in a Band: Australia’s Confidence Man are a whole lot of fun. Their groovy, danceable, experimental indie saw them signed to Heavenly after their debut single, and new cut ‘Don’t You Know I’m in a Band’ is no different. Look out for unforgettable hooks, layers of retro synths, and entertainingly obscure sounds.

Luster - New Pleasure: Danish musician Jacob Haubjerg, aka Luster brings his new single “New Pleasure”. With a driving bassline and danceable beat this song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Metroplane ft. Bree Runway - Word of Mouth: Metroplane is what you get when you mix house producer Alex Metric and nu disco artist Aeroplane who met when they played back to back on a cruiser ship for 3 hours. New single “Word of Mouth” is a reworking of their previous single “Bahp” with the addition of pop vocalist Bree Runway.

Superorganism - Reflections on the Screen: Superorganism, the 8 piece band brought together through music forums, have taken the world by storm with their own wonky electro pop. “Reflections on the screen” may sound more stripped back compared to their previous singles but their signature quirks are still very much present.

The Fontaines - Between Us: ‘Between Us’ is The Fontaines’ second single of 2018, and the brother-sister duo have been making music in LA since their debut EP back in 2016. It is a song that embraces the art of storytelling, and the new track captures themes of power, pain and heartache.

Tsar B - Rattlesnake: Belgian artist Tsar B’s hypnotic track ‘Rattlesnake’ sees her make a unique stamp on the new music world with her unique brand of electro pop. Tsar B says the song is about “struggling with the fact that my love and hate feelings are really close to each other.”

Vera - Diamonds: Vera are a Copenhagen based alt-pop talent who released their debut EP 'Good Job No Conversation' at the tail end of last year. This new track ‘Diamonds’ combines smooth saxophones and lounge music with electro pop vibes, creating a sound altogether unique and ambitious.

Winona Forever - Heads or Tails: Heads or Tails is the latest project from Vancouver band Winona Forever and will be the second single from an album coming later this year. It’s a laid back jam driven by silky sax and lo-fi vocals - don’t sleep on these guys, they’ve got something very cool going on!

Check out these songs and the rest of our playlist here:

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