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J Hus at The LCR - Gig Review

Wednesday December 6th 2017 a day marked on my calendar since September. J Hus performed this past Wednesday at the LCR. Before gracing the stage with a solid performance accompanied by the audience reciting every word in sheer bliss, special guests DC, NSG, and Young T & Bugsey hit the stage.

The first opening act was DC. By his announcement and approach to the stage I gathered that he was not that well known. He came on to the stage a bit slow and took a while to warm up. However the crowd was bopping to his beats and once DC was more comfortable the crowd enjoyed him a lot more. Before performing one of his songs he taught us the chorus to which the audience was a bit apprehensive. Nevertheless when it got to the chorus of the song the record had a good beat to bop to and because the audience knew what to sing the lyrics “I’m a hustler!” could be heard loud and clear.

Up next was NSG, which stands for Non Stop Grinding or Nigerian Slash Ghanaian. They took over the stage with an energy that excited everyone as if they were the main act. The members of NSG are Dope, Mojo, Kruddz, OGD, Mxjib and Papii Abz. All of which shined just as bright as the other. When one was rapping the others were hyping them up while harmonising and dancing to the beat. Some of their beats are produced by JAE5 the main producer of J Hus’s music so it was no surprise that the crowd reacted with such ecstasy.

Last of the opening acts was Young T and Bugsey. As if the room wasn't on fire enough with their hit remix Banana it continued its trajectory. The only downside to their performance was that from where I was standing, which was pretty close, it looked like they were lip syncing. The track in the background continued with the same volume even at the moments when the mic wasn't that close to the performers mouth.

Then came the main attraction. The sheet was lifted from the front part of the Mercedes Benz on stage, the stage fog got thicker and thicker then from stage left came the man himself J Hus. Welcomed with surround sound screams and a thunderous applause J Hus performed his album title record “Common Sense”. The jazz feel of the record mixed with the flow of his rap style made his entrance elegant and grimey all at the same time. To my surprise he didn't stick to only performing songs of his debut album. Samantha which features Santan Dave was performed as well. All though we were all anticipating the surprise guest to be Dave, J Hus sang the song with the crowd as accompaniment. “Lean and Bop” also made an appearance, one of his early hits, that was a dance tune everyone raved for. His performance of “Bouff Daddy” which has a light hearted grime feel, “Spirit” strong afro beat and soul pop flavour , “Did You See” having a grime/techno build were all performed immaculately. When he performed “Plottin” him and his Common Sense tour Dj’s had choreographed a dance that was cool to watch to say the least.

Nearing the end of the performance J Hus came down to the front row and starting at the beginning of the row all the way down to the end he continued to rap and sing with such clarity as he high fived people to which they were eternally grateful. It was a beautiful way to close his set as it seemed that him and the audience had an electrifying connection throughout the whole night.

It wasn’t over though! The party continued. The Dj’s voiced that it was too good of a crowd to leave. They played hits from Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, Cardi B, Future and several more. Even though slight technical malfunctions arose they kept going and the crowd remained.

It all came to an end when one of the Common Sense tour directors said that they had to go they responded with a plea for one more song. One more song it was and then they left, stage lights went off and house lights came on.

All in all I think that it's fair to say that J Hus exceeded everyone's expectations. With bringing special guests that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise and production seeing that if they like him we might enjoy these guys as well the night was full of continuous entertainment satisfaction.

The sold out show was sold out for a reason guys. Next time he’s in Norwich or wherever he may be give him a chance I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

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