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Livewire's Ones to Watch 2018

Over the year Livewire's music team spend hours listening to new music to find the right tracks for Livewire's New Music Playlist! So it only made sense to get these music connoisseurs to chose Livewire's Ones to Watch 2018, it was a hard decision but after a long discussion they decided, here are the results...

Livewire's No.1 - Bad Sounds: Over the year Bad Sounds have become a staple on our new music playlist. Every time we put them on they get played so much we have to move them to our B or C list, so its clear why they're our number one band to look out for next year. The Bath 5 piece create infectious pop music by bringing together genres like hip-hop, pop and soul. Singer Ewan Merrett also has a unique style of vocals which he uses to deliver cleverly crafted lyrics like "Zacharia Zacharia, Anxiety messiah, You’re a bad babysitter, But good at being quiet". Having only released two EP's this group has already played Glastonbury, Live at Leeds and Truck Festival as well as a recent massive headline tour. It's refreshing to see such individual music making its way into the mainstream as Bad Sounds are doing something so original and creating such a great upbeat atmosphere with their music. With more music in the works it is clear that this band are going to be going places next year. Livewire favourites from the band include 'Living Alone', 'Meat On My Bones' and recent single 'Are You High'.

Billie Eilish: Billie Eilish is a superstar. She’s fifteen (!!!!!!!) years old and is brimming with star-quality, talent and undeniable cool. Her debut eight-track EP ‘Don’t Smile At Me’ was released earlier this year, and contains her huge single Bellyache, the subject of which displays the intrigue and uniqueness in her nature as an artist: it’s ‘a song about a psychopath who regrets being a psychopath who doesn’t care’. The EP also features her break-out song Ocean Eyes, a track that pairs her delicate, floaty vocals with emotional lyrics. The track was written by her brother Finneas O’Connell for her to choreograph a dance to and posted online for Eilish’s dance teacher to access. Almost overnight, it was being listened to, shared and reposted by so many people that she was picked up by her now-manager. The track has received millions of plays since it was uploaded last summer, and since then, the pair have been writing and producing Eilish’s music together. Her lyrics are beautifully poetic, and her instrumentals blend her urban influences with acoustic guitars and ukuleles. Eilish clearly has her own way of doing things: she has been home-schooled since she was born, wrote her first song aged four and started writing properly at eleven, her middle name is pirate – she has the making of the star and 2017 was only the beginning.

Yonaka: So why are Yonaka ones to watch for next year? Well the Brighton’s four price are here to deliver a totally unique and fierce noise that blends a variety of genres and topped with some powerful vocals makes for one tasty sound. With only HEAVY being their only EP and a handful of singles it’s crazy to think they have already graced the stages of Reading and Leeds this summer past! For those who have not heard of YONAKA then let me point you in a good direction. The most recent (and a certified solid entry point) would be BUBBLEGUM - it’s a fiery track that seriously catchy but it’s all due to the hard graft that YONAKA have put in (three recording process and a few producers to be exact!) And if you like that there is nothing stopping you from listening to the rest of it! With the effort, time, energy and skill that these four put into their sound I have no doubt you’ll be listening/seeing A LOT more of YONAKA in the foreseeable future!

Superorganism: After the music world suspects your debut single could be the secret work of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker or Blur/Gorillaz whiz Damon Albarn, you know you’ve got something special. That’s what happened to Superorganism in January 2017. The surprise release of single ‘Something for your M.I.N.D’ right back at the beginning of the year piqued the interest of music critics, industry professionals, and fans alike. Yet the eight-piece band, spanning continents, with members from New Zealand and the USA, are not your typical indie pop recording collective. They are eight friends from across the globe who met on music forums over the last few years and decided to make their own snazzy tunes. Even so, at the current moment in time, all eight of the band’s members live in London. Hopefully this means their musical production and reach will only increase, as their addictive, intelligent pop hooks and zesty sample-heavy tracks, not to mention a record deal with none other than Domino, give them a more than decent playing field. With ‘Something for your M.I.N.D’ having surpassed 3 millions listens on Spotify and a thorough UK tour planned for next year, Superorganism are a funky, vibrant one to watch.

Sigrid: Although on our list of ones to watch in 2018, Sigrid is an artist who should have already earned your attention. She first entered the spotlight with the release of her debut single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ in February and from that moment, the now 21-year-old Norwegian seemed destined for great things. After topping an impressive 20 million plays on Spotify, Sigrid released a four track EP which saw her second single ‘Plot Twist’ mirroring her earlier success. Since then she has gone from strength to strength, matching her incredible vocal presence with an explosive energy on stage at many of the big festivals across Europe. Now no stranger to seeing her name up in lights, Sigrid has most recently been featured in Justice League with a Leonard Cohen cover in addition to taking the stage at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in December. Off to a flying start and with no sign of stopping, 2018 is shaping up to be a dynamite year for Sigrid.

Check out more songs by these artists on our Ones to Watch Playlist:

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