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Main Playlist Update 11/12/17

Because last week's playlist was so perfect we only have a couple new additions from G-Eazy, and CliQ has made a return after being on our New Music Playlist a couple weeks back. We also have climbers from Dave (to A) with him massive track 'No Words' and RAYE has also worked her way up to B. And we finish the year with another round of artist for our New Music Playlist.

Angie McMahon - Slow Mover: Aussie Angie McMahon releases new single ‘Slow Mover’, an indie track similar to Angel Olsen and Margaret Glaspy. Angie’s thick, powerful vocal serenades the steady guitar of the song.

Anna Burch - Tea-Soaked Letter: Heavenly recordings signing Anna Burch released new single ‘Tea Soaked Letter’ this week: it’s relaxing, hazy guitar paired with Anna’s soft and quirky lyrics nails upbeat indie.

Bad Wave - Money: The LA Duo are back with their latest release Money. This one is a bizarre sounding eclectic mix of various sounds yet they work in a weird but wonderful way. They based the inspiration for this track around that old but true quote ‘some things you do for love, others you do for money, money, money…’

Grace Carter - Ashes: If the first few bars don’t get you hooked on this track then something ain't right. Grace’s enchanting vocals sit right at home on this gentle yet slightly eerie track. A new comer in RnB yet still managing to sound confident in her own sound.

Jadu Heart - U Never Call Me (ft. Mura Masa): A smooth track of a floating melody and a ripply beat flows together very nicely. Despite Mura Masa having a very busy producing year this year he has still found time to team up with London artist Jadu Heart and pull out this successfully chill dance number out the bag.

Kailee Morgue - Discovery: Despite having a name that looks and sounds astonishingly like Kylie Monogue she sides more on the FKA Twigs and MO side of dark pop. This track Discovery is a perfect example of this with plenty of percussion and angelic vocals with a kinda weird alien sounding twang in the background.

SEAZOO - Dig: With a brief into that sounds like a confused guitar things soon kick off with the welsh quintets latest track Dig. With some fuzzy guitars and thick bassline the upbeat vocals somehow work. ‘Boy you’ll dig when i tell you too,’ rings out in a repetitive manner that is sure to get stuck in your head.

Sports Team - Beverly Rose: The deep and mix of voices could take you by surprise but this second single swims pretty well in its own little unique sea of indie. The track comments on mundane life of Britain’s commuter belt but manages to make it anything but mundane.

Starcrawler - I Love LA: Serving up something a little harder then what would normally be a daytime scene is Starcrawler with I Love LA. The lead single off their debut record Starcrawler are already crawling their way up into stardom - with fans like Elton John who are we to judge!

Whenyoung - Silverchair: Whenyoung has a charming beach vibe to it. The trio first met as teens and bonded over cheap vodka, The Velvet Underground in an indie bar in their home of Ireland. They still sound relatively young yet are well on their way with this track

Check out these songs and the rest of our playlist here:

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