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Main Playlist Update 4/12/17

This week's playlist has some new additions from Eminem ft Beyonce, First Aid Kit and Plan B. Climbers from J Hus (to A) and Sigrid (to B) and we're very happy to announce that Battle of the Bands winner Zoka will be joining our C list! And as always we have found 10 of the best new artists for our New Music Playlists!

Amille - Falling: ‘Falling’ is the debut single by Stockholm based singer-songwriter, Amille. She describes the track as a “dance/cry” song - powerful and mellow yet full of energy. The accompanying video was co-directed and produced by Amille herself and mirrors the tone of the song. With an expected debut EP due in February 2018, Amille is one to watch.

Eastern Barbers - Blue Flakes: ‘=Eastern Barbers are four South Londoners documenting the changing landscape of our capital city with jazzy guitar tones and ghostly production. In an interview with DIY they said that Blue Flakes is “the simple strategy to cope with this idea that spaces are being diluted”. They continued: “You notice a lot of this stuff as you get older and it can be challenging to digest. When we were younger things felt simpler and in Blue Flakes we’re trying to revisit some of that innocence”

JANEVA - Humble Beginnings (ft. ZenSoFly): Australian artists JANEVA is back with a sultry R&B and pop record ‘Humble Beginnings’ featuring ZenSoFly. Blending together her raspy soulful vocals with slick production, JANEVA delivers a sweet tune about difficult times and the importance of giving yourself a break every now and then.

Shame - One Rizla: South London punks return with the lead single from their debut record. One Rizla is less heavy than their previous songs, the bands sound clearly maturing. Of the song, Shame have said “Embracing insecurity as a strength is what this song is about. It’s the first song we ever wrote as a band and I think that’s reflected in the simplicity of it. It’s honest and raw, whilst attempting a stab at number one in the pop charts across the eastern hemisphere.

Sjowgren - Stubborn Forces: The Bay Area group Sjowgren have gone all out with their new indie pop anthem ‘Stubborn Forces’. Its powerful, it’s glittery, it’s dream - it’s all you need from a feel good single.

SORRY - Wished: Playing on 90s riot grrrl, South East London band Sorry combine alternative grooves with punky attitudes on newest single Wished. The band have recently released a visual mixtape, a series of twisted videos to accompany their dark and eccentric music.

The Brinks - Never Get High Enough When You Buy The Drugs: Despite have a rather long winded name the LA duo are back at it again with their latest release. Never Get High Enough When You Buy The Drugs is a straight up chilled out groove. The synthy and harmonic lyrics make you drift why the long notes and lollopy beat keep the track lumbering along. It gets a bit twisted and creepy in places - perhaps trying to make up for not getting high as this track could become a quick sober/not high trip!

The Dunts - Dimitri: Glasgow’s 4-piece punk/rock band The Dunts have been touring extensively within their home circuit. They describe their sound as “ridiculously fast paced” which is “heavily fuelled by dynamic and catchy guitar riffs” and with “lyrics that grown on you almost instantly”. Their new single “Dimitri” sticks to this formula with another catchy guitar riff.

THYLA - Tell Each Other Lies: Tell Each Other Lies is the euphoric new single from Millie, Mitch, Dan and Danny, who are THYLA from Brighton. The track is about the fear of confrontation and channels an 80’s feel in it’s guitar tones and punchy pop vocals.

W.H. Lung - WANT: ‘Want’ is the second single to be released by trio W.H.Lung. The track blends spaced out synths with a heavy drum beat to create a piece of indulgently electronic pop that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Check out these songs and the rest of our playlist here:

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