• Charlotte Manning

Wolf Alice at the LCR - Review

After already making an appearance at the LCR in 2016, Wolf Alice, who clearly love the UEA crowd, were back for more. 2017 has seen Wolf Alice go from strength to strength. Their second album released in September 'Visions of a Lifetime' peaked at number 2 in the UK charts, and with first single of album two 'Yuk Foo' featuring as Annie Mac's hottest record in radio 1, this is a band that means business.

Opening with fantastic supports, who were well worthy of their own sell-out gigs, UK quad 'Superfood' who bought an eclectic mix of rock, jazz and funk followed by rocky trio 'Sunflower Bean' all the way from NYC, the crowd were left well and truly hyped for the main event. Wolf Alice opened with newest single 'Heavenward', which they say was inspired by the death of a friend, leading to the band's performance immediately becoming intimate and heartfelt as the crowd were with them through the celestial sound. Quickly followed by fan favourite and the much heavier sound of 'Yuk Foo' the crowd were fully immersed in the performance and ready for a night to remember.

Lead singer Ellie Roswell demonstrated her exceptional vocal range which never dwindled at any stage. Her vocals were full of passion and feeling and left the crowd hanging onto every word. The band's sound is super dreamy, especially shown through newer track 'Don't Delete the Kisses' and often described by critics as 'atmospheric rock'. They never fail to let their emotions (sometimes anger) shine through. The crowd were always left wanting more and the enthusiasm and energy that the band created in the room, persisted throughout the whole set.

Although not well known to a mainstream music crowd, Wolf Alice have gained a massive cult following in the past couple of years, who were clearly out in full force in Norwich. Wolf Alice have such variation in the feel and tempo of some of their music, which not many bands would pull off in the same way live. However they were fantastic at slowing it down when needed for more emotional tracks like 'Blush' and 'Planet Hunter' yet the room still smashed out every word. But when it sped back up again for 'Bros' and 'Formidable Cool' to name a couple, well, who knew you could mosh pit to Wolf Alice? I call it Beautifully Unconventional.

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