• Sarah Okello

Oh Wonder at LCR - Review

Oh Wonder's performance this past Sunday at the LCR was electrifying. I have been a fan of Oh Wonder since their first album release in 2015. When bringing them up in conversation it was rare that anyone if ever knew who I was talking about. I assumed that they weren't as well known and thought there wouldn't be much of a crowd. It was a happy moment for me to be wrong- as I saw the line to get into the concert extended all the way past Congregation Hall.

The indie alternative pop duo were full of energy. Racing to the stage with a vibrancy mirrored by the vivid changing colours of the big bright “O.W” sign behind them and the rows of led lights. Josephine Vander Gucht shared her story of how she performed in Norwich a few years back and would go to different pubs if they would have her. Flash forward a few years later and she is performing in front of thousands of people. Josephine encouraged the crowd to pursue their passions and never give up on themselves. To which the audience responded with a thunderous applause. Her gratitude for the audience’s welcome touched her heart so much that the phrase “Thank you Norwich” was what she said every time she wasn't singing a song.

The positivity was radiant throughout the whole performance. It was an absolute joy to feed off the energy that Josephine and Anthony gave to each other as they performed. The connection of the two vitalised the entire performance. At the end of the show when they left the stage, the audience refused to budge and chanted for an encore. An encore they did receive, the two rushed back to the stage to close with two songs. At their final goodbye with well wishes, many thanks and a euphoric applause the audience left in high spirits with smiles on their faces as did I.

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