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Main Playlist Update 13/11/17

This week's playlist has some wonderful new additions in the form of Stormzy, Wolf Alice, J Hus and Sigrid. As well as this Harry Styles and Clean Bandit have moved from our B list to the A list. Maggie Rodgers has also moved up from C list to B list. On top of this we have a wonderfully curated new music playlist:

Bryde - Desire: Welsh singer-songwriter Bryde releases a brand new track called ‘Desire’ ahead of her debut album that’s set to be released in Spring 2018. Crunchy riffs and energetic percussions carry the track as Bryde sings about lust, our instant need for gratification and how she has become unrecognisable to herself in the past in an attempt to appeal to this side of someone’s personality.

Dama Scout - Toothache: 3rd track taken from their newest self-titled EP (released 10th November), Dama Scout releases a laid back and melancholic guitar tune about hiding things from the people you care about most, which according to the band is a running theme for them.

Easy Life - Pockets: Pockets is a slow-moving groove from the Leicester 5-piece Easy Life. Mixing jazz, funk and punk sounds together, the band sets out to capture the very essence of hedonism and simplicity: “It essentially documents that terrible sinking feeling of realising you can't quite afford to pay this month's rent due to your own stupidity; an unsettling emotion that is unshakable, too familiar and hangs over us like a dead albatross.”

Hey Charlie - Young & Lonesome: Hey Charlie are back with their second single after their exciting first single ‘Hey.’ Mixing sweet harmonies with grungy guitars this track is great to groove to. In an interview with DIY the band say that ‘We wrote Young and Lonesome about the conflicting feeling we face as young people feeling like we’re more free and liberated than ever yet also more lonely as a generation.’

Jagara - Twice: Jagara are a trio of sisters from North London who share their name with a character from the 80s cartoon ThunderCats.

With a range of influences and sounds from 80s synth electonica to R&B/funk, Jagara are heading in an exciting direction as they continue to work towards their debut album.

New single "Twice" is an upbeat, funk filled track with dulcet vocals.

NoMBe - Jump Right In: Noah McBeth, better known as NoMBe is a German-born, LA based singer. His special brand of soul-infused electronic music has been making its way across the world, having been spotted by Pharrell and chosen as the theme song for his HBO series.

New single “Jump Right In” is a track that channels a laid-back summertime vibe with an equally laid-back message. "It's generally a song about letting go, even when you first meet someone and you realise being closed off won't get you far."

NoMBe has announced a debut album due to be released in 2018 and is releasing one single a month until then.

NSTASIA - Parachute: Nstasia Griffin, otherwise known as NSTASIA, was signed to a record label whilst still in college and with her upcoming EP soon to be released ‘Parachute’ is the first taste we have been given of what to expect. Produced in collaboration with well known producer Skrillex, ‘Parachute’ has a minimalist, easy R&B style to it. Speaking on the song, NSTASIA said “lyrically and musically it makes me feel playful and cool”. The doo-wop inspired melody mixed with it’s urban, current lyrics help to make it the fresh and vibrant track that it is.

Steve Buscemis Dreamy Eyes - Swim Deep: This indie pop band is a firm favourite around Scandinavia and are now starting to set their sights on UK. According to the band, Swim Deep is about wanting to hide from your mistakes and all the embarrassing things you've done. It's about wanting to disappear and not have to deal with life, but then realizing you eventually have to face it all and stand for what you've said and done. This piece is a dynamic blend of dusty drum beats, hazy riffs and ambient electronics that combine to form a deeply atmospheric track.

Vera - Nobody Else: One of Denmark's most exciting new talents released another brilliant, assured and blissed-out track for all hours. According to Vera, "Nobody Else" came from an impromptu session with a buddy he hadn't seen for a while. His girlfriend came up with the lyrics of the song and the vocals are by Off Bloom. The track is subtle, with a layered, bouncy instrumental with elements of funk under blissful vocals. The song is a lovely collaboration between multiple talents and that comes through in its sound.

Vistas - Retrospect: Edinburgh based indie pop band, Vistas, are turning heads with their new track ‘Retrospect’. With their online presence growing, thanks to streaming, and a sold out tour the four lads are set to reach great heights with their upbeat, addictive sound. ‘Retrospect’ is full of synth hooks and it's persistent, addictive beat makes it an irresistible piece of electro pop that you can’t help but dance along to.

Check out these songs as well as the rest of our playlist here:

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