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PR/DES - A Mind Like the Tide: Review

A Mind Like the Tide Part 1 is the second album from Glasgow based Prides. It follows on from their debut ‘The Way Back Up’ and continues along similar lines, with full arrangements and expressive lyrics, Prides have a knack for producing influential albums. Reaching a peak of 24 in the UK charts, ‘The Way Back Up’ is Prides’ greatest achievement thus far but having played at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony in 2014, they can take pride in their efforts (excuse the pun).

The album opens with ‘Every Story of Mine Is a Story of Yours,’ a swelling introduction to this presumably serial album. It immediately introduces a new direction for the band as they explore the use of sampling for the first time in this short but sweet track. The song's title is chanted throughout the track, illustrating themes of community and solidarity which are continued throughout the album.

The following track, ‘You’re the Drug,’ will appeal to any The 1975 fans, with strangled guitar tones and rich, warm synthesizers. Though lyrically it centres around a somewhat overplayed drug theme, this track leads away from what could have been just another ‘you’re the only high I need’ attempt at indie music with technical chord progressions and a short acapella feature harkening back to their first album.

The single from A Mind Like the Tide, ‘Let’s Stay in Bed All Day,’ emerges dancefloor-ready with the multitude of riffs and hooks fans of the synth pop duo will be well familiar with, while ‘Sweet Time’ and ‘I Know That I Can Change’ display a more self-reflective approach to their song writing.

Only seven tracks long and at 22 minutes, ‘A Mind Like the Tide’ serves as a strong emergence from a long self-inflicted sabbatical. Stewart Brock and Callum Wiseman plan on releasing the second instalment of this record soon and I, for one, wait in ardent anticipation.

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