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Main Playlist Update 23/10/17

This week's playlist has new additions from huge artists like Calvin Harris, Nothing But Thieves and London Grammar. As well as climbers from Post Malone (to A list) and Yonaka (from New music to C). On top of this we've gathered a collection of great new artists for the New Music Playlist.

Crepes – Four Years Times: This track is a slow burner from Australian five piece Crepes, which combines a plodding bassline with light guitar tones and synths. 'Four Years Time' is an ode to the transience of early 20's life and the joys and doubts that come with it. Singer Tim Karmouche says the song is about 'putting doubts to rest and letting the twists and turns of fate occur naturally. It's a reassurance that things will turn out alright'.

Ella Vos – Mother (Don't Cry): Rising singer Ella Vos releases the latest preview of her forthcoming debut album 'Words I Never Said' (out November 17th). It's simple yet emotional piece that was inspired by Ella's own personal experiences with the birth of her son: "I had a young son to take care of, but I couldn’t accept my new role as a mother ... At its core, this song is a lullaby to myself."

Fick As Fieves – English Weather: Fick As Fieves are an energetic Indie-rock trio from Aldeburgh in Suffolk. They have been championed by BBC Introducing Suffolk and describe their music as "an upbeat style of indie rock with riff driven ear worms and tight catchy hooks". New single, English Weather is the latest in a series of singles to be released this year. The band plan to keep releasing singles and gigging all the way into 2018.

Hayley Kiyoko – Feelings: Hayley Kiyoko is an openly gay and mixed-race artist from L.A. In her early career she expressed her frustration in not being able to connect with people the way she wanted, as she wanted to sing about liking girls but was still afraid to openly sing about it. She now writes explicitly gay songs, in hope of inspiring confidence in young gay listeners. She was recently noted by Rolling Stone in 10 Artists You Need to Know. Her new track 'Feelings' is a dreamy pop song, getting people ready to dance whilst playing on the emotions of an intense crush; she celebrates them with distinctive and sultry vocals. Her music is consistently fun with a catchy synth style, whilst dealing with raw emotion – a true talent.

Joseph J. Jones – Crawl: You could easily mistake Joseph J Jones' deep, rich voice for the likes of Rag 'n' Bone Man. His new single, 'Crawl' is packed full of relentless, thundering drums and steady guitar riffs. The track is one of the singer's more upbeat pieces and follows the singer-songwriter's collaborative mixtape 'Tired of the Weekend Vol. 1'. With the possibility of a debut album in the horizon, this guy is one to keep your eye on.

K.I.D - Elevator: Kara and Bobby make up this L.A electro pop duo K.I.D - meaning Kids In Despair. This latest single from a few weeks ago is the follow up form their latest E.P - Poster Kid and was written by Bobby about his uni experiences being in a lift!

Kailee Morgue – Medusa: Morgue is a 19-year-old singer from Arizona who first shared a demo of ‘Medusa’ online and earnt herself a record deal with Republic Records as a result. The Twitter video, currently sitting at 138,000 likes and 45,000 retweets, was recorded in Kailee’s bedroom using the mic on her headphones but still manages to be hauntingly beautiful. It took ten months for the track’s full potential to be revealed - an infectious synthpop hit with soothing vocals. This song tells the tale of Medusa as a tragic victim rather than a mythological monster.

Millie Turner – Eyes On You: 17-year-old UK singer/songwriter Millie unveils her second ever release 'Eyes On You'. The track is delicate, folk-inspired piece with a melodic beat.

Check out the playlist here:


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