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Main Playlist Update 16/10/17

Our Main Playlist has new additions from some incredible artists such as Everything Everything, Tove Styrke and Post Malone. As well as this Reading rockers The Amazons and Midlands' singer Jorja Smith have move from our B list up to our A list for our listeners pleasure. We also have a climber from last weeks new music playlist in the form of Bad Sounds who's funky 'Living Alone' has earnt its way onto our C List. Finally as always we have a complete new music playlist which you can read about below...

DAGNY – Love You Like That: Dagny is a Norwegian singer/songwriter who moved to London in 2015 to release her debut single “Backbeat” and has been making a name for herself ever since. “Love You Like That” is a heartfelt hit, an outpour of emotion from Dagny who is a self-admittedly non-romantic person.

“If you love someone, you should tell them” is the message of this feel good track. Dagny is currently on tour with LANY in the US until November 12th.

Gina Kushka – Cure: Singer and songwriter form South Africa. Released this single a few months ago. This song was written after Gina got out of a 6-year relationship. They kept going back to each other as a cure for the pain but it only provided a short-term remedy. Got some mellow synthy vibes with very Ellie Golding-esque vocals.

Husky Loops – Girl Who Wants to Travel the World: Trio, who originally come from Bologna, find themselves living in London and form a indie, post punk band. “some of the most thrilling and imposing music around at the moment”.. Name comes from fascination with sample culture and mixing this with rock music. They also like husky memes.

Track comes from their second EP which was released on the 6th October. Its about how connections are often more common and important than differences, and everyone around you might seem completely separate, but everyone has complicated lives and things in common.

Naaz – Up To Something: 19 year old Naaz is a singer-songwriter and producer from the Netherlands. She initially struggled to convince her Kurdish family to allow her to pursue music as a career, and it was during this time that Naaz taught herself to write, record and produce her own music. With ‘BEAT’ magazine describing Naaz’s style as ‘quirkpop’, Naaz is sure to appeal to fans of artists such as Alessia Cara and Lorde. ‘Up to Something’ is a joyful, quirky track which showcases Naaz’s striking vocals, featuring big beats with a sweeping chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head. In her own words, ‘Up to Something’ is a song for ‘hope and freedom’, which she hopes will make people ‘feel capable of anything’.

Self Esteem – Your Wife: 'Your Wife' is the first track released by Self Esteem, better known as Rebecca Taylor from Slow Club. The track is produced by Django Django's Dave Mclean, and "sees Rebecca questioning the increasingly male-dominated world, the boundaries and freedoms of that world and her own sexual limits within".

Ten Tonnes – Cracks Between: Ten Tonnes is the stage name of 20-year-old indie rock singer/songwriter Ethan Barnett, younger brother of George Ezra. ‘Cracks Between’ is the result of a collaboration with former Maccabees guitarist and current record producer, Hugo White. It’s a song Ethan wrote when he was 18 and is a ‘light-hearted look at a break-up’ in his own words.

TRACE – You Don't Know Me: The daughter of Vietnamese Pop superstar, TRACE was born and raised in Southern California. She makes chilled out electronic pop and is gaining quite a reputation for her signature vocals, with her track "Low" amassing over 20 million Spotify hits. In her new song "You Don't Know Me", TRACE discusses her own experiences with first impressions.

YONAKA – BUBBLEGUM: Yonaka ('dead of the night' in Japanese), described by NME as 'one of the UK's most unique bands', is a female-fronted, alt-pop four piece from Brighton getting really good reviews for their energetic live shows (they've got a nation-wide tour happening at the moment). This is the first single off their new EP 'HEAVY'.

Miss World – Click And Yr Mine: Miss World is the project of London based artist Natalie Chahal (part of PNKSLM), and this is the newest single from EP Waist Management, a commentary on today’s internet culture and consumerism.

Dead Pretties – Water: Dead Pretties are a London-based trio, currently on their UK tour swiftly after debuting their first single (Social Experiment). Water is their new single, which front-man describes as “a song about deliberate self-destruction, allowing something to slowly kill you because you think the kick you get from that makes you feel more alive than anything else” - bit grim, but their music is certainly promising.

Check out these songs and the rest of the playlist here:

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