• Eleanor Martin

Norwich Sound & Vision Festival Review Day 2

Having already been to the first night of Norwich Sound & Vision Festival and witnessed the pure raw energy of Diet Cig, the cool demeanour of Goat Girl and having had a good ol’ chat with the lovely duo Sink Ya Teeth, I had some very high expectations for this night! Kicking off things off was the quartet Norwich born and bred - Peach Club. These are some riot grrl ladies who can deliver song that bite! Opening with the clapping intro to their latest single ‘Bad Bitch’ (that dropped last month) which was still filled with a little bit of apprehension but as the set continued the tone was made clear that these girls mean business and they don’t care about what you think it! As the room filled up with buzzing gig-goers the temperature cranked up a few notches resulting in the members slowly disrobing after every song! Peach Club concluded their loud, proud & feisty set with the track I like most from them “Mission Impossible” with a thumping bass intro to get you grooving and a fierce rap in the middle having a real go at ‘what the music industry is going to do’ by stick two very musical fingers up at them!

While I was cooling off outside before the next act I was wondering what to expect from ‘Get Innuit’ – considering I had never heard of them before and had not had a chance to listen to them beforehand so I was going in totally blind; other than what my friends had told me about five mins before they came on stage (this being variations of “OMG THEY ARE SO GOOD!”) ‘Popcorn’ erupted from the speakers as their jazzy stage intro soundtrack and I was heavily leaning on the idea that I would enjoy this set! The four Kentish lads bounded on stage and immediately got the crowd going with “All My Friends,” “Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated,” and “I’m the Hot Air.” It was so clear that 'Get Innuit' love performing and get really stuck into playing as they trashed and dances around stage – the music was certainly one that made your face do weird things – queue Jamie constantly sticking his tongue out for most of the time. The hugely relatable and darkly humoured lyrics coupled with their crowd banter made them seem far more human – not just a band on stage but people going through things that we feel and experience every day and that was a massive tick box for me! One of these moments occurred during their finale song “Pro-Procrastinator” (another one of their relatable titles) there was a pause during the song where they (apparently) usually plug their merch stall (as most of it was plastered with the lyrics from this song) and (apparently) it’s gets them a few laughs. However, one guy from the crowd took a gutsy move and embarked on a solo slow clap during this sound of silence. This totally threw the band off course which provoked some really funny crowd-band banter and totally broke the forth wall.

Two solid support acts, a few pints of water and a quick munch on some veggie crisps later it was about time for the crowning act of the night to swagger onto stage – cue The Big Moon. Having listened to their latest release ‘Love in the 4th Dimension,’ (that was dropped May this year) I was excited to finally see them live! The lights dimmed leaving a massive glowing moon (of course!) hung behind the drum kit and the air was heavy with excitement and heat! Much to our surprise Robbie William’s ‘Millennials’ burst through the speaker and the crowd erupted into song as The Big Moon strode onto stage! Kicking things off was a treat for the older fans with ‘Silent Movie Susie’ and ‘Nothing Without You,’ that are pre-dating the album release by over a year and a half. Unsurprisingly the rest of the set list pretty much went through ‘Love in the 4th Dimension,’ like ‘Happy New Year,’ full of energy to dance and sweat to and their popular single from the track ‘Cupid’ which they most defiantly did get ‘perfectly right!’ About half way through the set (although it felt like no time at all) The Big Moon cracked out a truly stunning surprise – their cover of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ from Bonnie Taylor! It was a brilliant spin on an already brilliant classic which had their whole Church raising their voices in song. Their finale saw Jules come to the crowd barrier and meet a wave of people rushing to dance and sing with her. ‘Sucker’ and ‘Bonfire,’ made sure that the gig ended in flames and manic dancing in all the right ways.

While waiting and making friends in the queue for the merch (because who does not want a glow in the dark moon T-shirt?!) we all agreed that The Big Moon had pulled out all the stops and had left each and every one of us with stars in our eyes.

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