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Main Playlist Update 9/10/17

We have an incredible new playlist to start of a new year of broadcasting! Our A list features such amazing artists as Foo Fighters, J Hus and ZAYN. B list features Arcade Fire, Jessie Ware and The Amazons. Finishing off the main playlist on C list we have such wordsmiths as The Big Moon and MUNA. Be sure to tune in to Livewire's daytime shows to hear these outright tunes.

We are also excited to share our New Music Playlist with the airwaves, these artist will be big soon - heed my words.

Bad Sounds – Living Alone: The upbeat track 'Living Alone' is the first taste of the Bath five-piece's latest EP, 'Mixtape One' (out now). The band is formed of original members, brothers Ewan and Callum Merrett, alongside drummer Olivia, bassist Sam and guitarist Charlie. The brothers fuse together their different styles to create the group's sound, with Ewan favouring sampling and hip-hop beats, and Callum preferring pop, soul and R'n'B. The pair cite Michael Jackson as an early inspiration, and say they grew up in a household where music was important.

Chelou – Damned Eye See: North London based singer-songwriter Chelou. Called Chelou as French for “shady”, “weird” or “suspicious” and he wants to keep his face separate from music as much as possible, so people “engage with [his] art first and foremost”. The track was recorded in his bedroom, again using signature lo-fi sounds and a host of cups amongst other kitchen utensils as percussion. Vocal samples were provided from recordings of his 8 year old sister Flic who sent them over from her home in the South of France. Lo-fi, indie/electronic feel. Very dreamy music.

Donna Missal – Transformer: Donna Missal is an American performer. She has toured around much of America, having her largest gig in Chicago. She has had other popularly received songs such as The Keeper and Keep Lying. She has a loud but proud style of indi/alternative music with great bass so turn this one up and enjoy it!

Great News – Never Get My Love: Norwegian daze-pop trio Great News create a charming pop song on new single 'Never Get My Love'. With influences spanning from psychedelia to folk this number is not one you'll forget.

MY LOVE: LÉON – No Goodbyes: Hailing from Stockholm and from a family of musicians, LÉON started her career fronting a ten piece hip hop band before making a name for herself as a solo artist in 2015. No Goodbyes is the first track from her recently released four track EP. With its catchy electro-pop feel and powerful chorus, No Goodbyes is a worthy break-up anthem.

Royaume – If We: French duo from Paris made up of Yumi Aoki (vocalist) and Moon Boy (guitarist). Their music focuses on exploring themes including equality and empowerment via a mix of pop, soul and electronica. 'If We' is the fourth single they have released and they are currently recording a debut EP. Royaume through music believe they can make a positive change to the world!

Shame – Concrete: The South London punk rockers are back with their bold new single. This guitar driven number moves away from other social commentary and politically-driven tracks, dealing instead with the issues of "emotionally draining effects of a doomed relationship" but in their signature punk rock style. The five-piece outfit are a live experienced not to be missed, but for now, here's 'Concrete'.

Strong Asian Mothers – Hard To Find: Three-piece from London coming in with their latest summer release single 'Hard To Find.' Mixing up pop with synth-hip pop beats and vibes that are rather catchy! The interesting name was inspired by the three men's mothers who pushed race and gender boundaries in the 80s. This idea of pushing social boundaries through a creative medium is reflected in the trio's music!

Vera – Falling (ft. Okay Kaya): Two of Copenhagen's most buzzed about artists team up for this mellow new cut. The new single "Falling" combines Vera's production with vocals from Norwegian Okay Kaya. Vera actually sent Kaya the first demo and asked her to write her own part in Norwegian, which features at the end of the track. It's a wonderfully modern sound, breaking the boundaries between pop, indie and house and Kaya's laidback, mellow voice complements the warm acoustics of the song perfectly.

WILDES – Ghost: Aka. Ella Walker, 19, an alternative artist from West London. Ella chose to use her mothers’ maiden name ‘Wildes’, as her stage title believing it would be a channel for her to be bolder both personally and in her musical style. Classically trained as a teenager, in 2012 Ella gave this up to write her own music influenced by her parents record collection including artists like Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush.

Check out the playlist here:

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