• Erin Bashford

4 Upcoming Albums to Soundtrack First Term

I remember my first term of first year because it was soundtracked by that Macklemore song--the Downtown one. And a few Sia tracks, and that little known one called… what was it, Uptown Fink? Downtown Funk? Not sure. Anyway, here are a few upcoming EPs and albums I think are danceable and interesting enough to be the defining releases of your freshers term.

Italian-born London-bred art-rock trio Husky Loops release second EP (titled EP2, creatively so) on October 6th. Their first release was deliciously wacky, filled with distorted solos and surreal lyrics, yet EP2 promises a “completely different sound”. Expect acoustic guitars and silky, crooning vocal, then. Or perhaps something just as weird as EP1. With Husky Loops, you never really know. Check out ‘Tempo’. FFO Radiohead, Muse.

Tomorrow, Danish all-female trio Nelson Can release third EP, also creatively titled EP3 (what is this?). Their sound is a really smooth mixture between danceable poprock and gritty grunge, with a distinguishable ragged vocal from frontwoman Selena Gin. After a handful of shimmy-inducing singles, EP3 is surely not gonna disappoint. Check out ‘Miracle’. FFO Daughter, Florence + the Machine, Hole.

Another record coming out this autumn is one I haven’t stopped banging on about. It’s everyone’s favourite London fourpiece. Of course it’s Wolf Alice? Already released singles include the vicious and virulent ‘Yuk Foo’, the shining, rippling wave of sweet electronica ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’, and ‘Heavenward’, most recent single drenched in gorgeous 90’s shoegaze. Wolf Alice remain one of the most exciting and interesting bands of current time and surely this record will only consolidate that position. Out tomorrow. Check out ‘Yuk Foo’. FFO The Maccabees, Nirvana, The Big Moon.

Courtney Barnett is one of my favourite ladies in music ever. Like ever. I love her with all my heart. And then she announces she’s doing a collab record with Kurt Vile, super cool modern folk artist, and I definitely decided it was going to make my life. The excitement is doing nothing but rising as it gets closer to their October 13th release date. Released single ‘Over Everything’ is addictively melancholic, the two wallowing voices melting together to be a soothing yet infectious dip into garage folk. And I can’t wait for the album. Check out ‘Over Everything’. FFO Tame Impala, Bruce Springsteen, Marika Hackman.

And finally, albums that don’t need me to tell you about them, there’s Taylor Swift, Beck, Bjork, Noel Gallagher… apparently an Avril Lavigne album? Who knew? Be sure to enjoy these tunes as they follow you round for the rest of the year.

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