Livewire presenter Louie Barby gave us an exclusive session showcasing his haunting cello covers. Listen to the full session with Louie here.
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Done that thing where you tell yourself you'll remember a songs name after you heard it but now you have absolutely no idea what it was called?
Don't worry my friend, here's our main playlist for this week! These are the songs you'll hear during our daytime shows so fingers crossed one of these tracks is the one you're looking for. We update this playlist weekly so make sure you come back next week so you don't miss out on any hidden gems on our new music playlist!
Aled Vernon-Rees
Head of Music
Every so often, Livewire gets the opportunity to record a live music session with an amazing upcoming artist - check out the latest session with Louie Barby now!
Got some music to submit? Fancy joining us for a live session? We'd love to hear from you!
Livewire is really passionate about music from new and upcoming artists, especially if they were born and bread at UEA!
Please email submissions to!

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