Derby Day


Bronwen & Molly proved once again to be a true radio power duo!


Their Derby Day take over show was not only up to date with all the sporting news of the day but engaged with its live audience having floods of requests coming in throughout!


Entertaining, interactive and informative supplying all the Derby Day needs - Bronwen & Molly know how to make a sporty square party!

Harry Benjamin

Head of Daytime



Zig Zag


As part of UEA's creative arts festival, Zig Zag, Make Your Mark's Hannah took the reins of the show to bring you a fantastic programme all about how to make your mark in the arts.


Hannah did a brilliant job as solo host and had some top notch company, including former Livewire Battle of the Bands winner, Zoka, who was able to provide some insider knowledge about the world of music and performance.


If you missed this show, then don't fret, because you can catch the same great chat from Make Your Mark every Tuesday from 17:00. It's well worth your time.

Jacob Simmons

Head of Speech & News




19:30 - 21:00

Two of Livewire's veteran presenters dominate the airwaves every Tuesday evening in style.


They pit both classic and modern tunes against one another in a series of ever changing categories, and it makes for a thoroughly entertaining listen.


Nowhere else on Livewire will you find Mastodon followed by ZZ Top followed by Johnny Cash and it's marvellous.


Throw in a guest every week, from other Livewire presenters to UEA professors to actual radio people, and you've got the recipe for an incredible 90 minutes each week.


Tuesdays at 7:30 is the place to be - don't forget your pencil cases...

Alex Dalton

Head of Specialist




Alicia Perez

In all of the chaos of Derby Day, Alicia managed to snatch some brilliant interviews with key players and organisers that really captured the essence of the day!


From current Activities and Opportunities Officer Oli Grey on his thoughts and hopes for the day to live commentating, interviews from players from some of the most exciting games like lacrosse (a first win for UEA!), rugby and archery.


Alicia’s efforts meant that the Derby Day Media pages were able to give audiences key snippets of the day regardless of they were at a match or not!

Erin Bashford

Head of Online Content

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Aled Vernon-Rees
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