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MONDAYS | 2:00-3:30pm


A coffee sesh with Harry, Matt and Izzy, playing all the bangers, playing games and chatting about everything and anything.


Harry, Matt & Izzy Episode 2
The second installment of Harry, Matt & Izzy brings you even more chaos. The trio are joined by actor Harrison Cole to talk about a new comedy, Wingman, which debuts at The Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich on the 12th February. Also on the agenda, Matt talks all things Kylie Jenner, Izzy shares with us her advice for when your parents come up to visit and we have another round of The Unpredictable Predictive Text Game, Uticulate and THE NEWS..? All that and more, with new music from LUCIA also featured.
Harry, Matt & Izzy Episode 1
Harry, Matt & Izzy take you through your Monday afternoon! Harry's playing the bangers and generally organising the chaos, Matt talks Music and Movies and introducing Izzy who each week will be sharing some advice on uni situations where she's had to learn the hard way, this week it's housing!

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