FRIDAYS | 3:30-5:00pm


A simple easy listening daytime show discussing the newest music, celeb news and gossip as well as the events and news happening around campus and Norwich.


Calsey & Alicia - 09/03/2018
This week Calsey & Alicia discuss bands that are making a comeback!! The Spice Girls, The Rolling Stones and Snow Patrol, we also play Guess the Song with our guest Euan and People vs Pop! continues!!!
Calsey & Alicia - 23/02/2018
This week Calsey & Alicia talk about the Oscars and Brit Awards, while Alicia admits her obsession and love for One Direction and fan-fictions. Scott also joins us for Guess the Song, who will win?
Calsey & Alicia - 16/02/2018
This week Calsey & Alicia talk about the movies coming up in 2018, as well as celebrity proposals and weddings. Listen in for music from movie soundtracks, as well as the newest music from the playlist!

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